Welcome to the website of the University of Northern British Columbia Faculty Association (UNBC-FA). Incorporated in 1994 under the BC Society Act and certified as a union under the Labor Relations Board of BC on April 29, 2014, the UNBC-FA negotiates, monitors, and upholds the conditions of employment for association members; it also promotes and supports the principles of academic freedom, non-discrimination, tenure, and high-quality post-secondary education.


The UNBC-FA serves the interests of almost 500 full- and part-time members at UNBC’s Prince George and regional campuses. All faculty employed by UNBC– including tenured and tenure-track faculty members, senior lab instructors, librarians, and contract academic staff in all categories –are automatically members of the UNBC-FA and are entitled to receive its services.

The association acts as the sole bargaining agent for all UNBC-FA members, negotiating the terms and conditions of their employment as enshrined in the Faculty Agreement. In addition, the UNBC-FA provides guidance and support for members throughout their employment, assisting with tenure and promotion, evaluation, and other processes. The association and its representatives play a vital role within collegial governance, consulting on all policies and procedures related to our members’ employment in research and teaching.

At the provincial and national level, the UNBC-FA represents the interests of its members and supports and promotes higher education through the Confederation of Faculty Associations of BC (CUFA-BC) and the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT).


A democratic organization governed by constitutional bylaws, the UNBC-FA is governed by a volunteer executive and served by staff including a full-time Executive Director. The Executive Committee, elected from the association’s membership, comprises officers (President and Chair, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary); voting members (Past-President, Members-at-Large); and non-voting members (Grievance Officer, Executive Director).

The UNBC-FA welcomes the participation of all members in the life of the association. Many volunteer opportunities are available, from providing advice as a member of an ad hoc working group to serving on a standing committee or running for elected office. As a member in any category, your input is welcome and helps build a stronger association.

Do you know what our new logo symbolizes?

Our physical environment (fish, fowl/feather and forest/plants).
Our scholarship (open book and plume).
The cyclical nature of our teaching semesters, and the cyclical nature of negotiating new Agreements with the administration.

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