Arbitration Briefs submitted to Arbitrator, Stan Lanyon. November 6, 2015

The mediation session that was held November 10, 2015 with Arbitrator Stan Lanyon has ended with not enough movement by the parties to reach any kind of breakthrough. Arbitration hearings are scheduled to begin on November 19th. There will be five days of hearings after which the arbitrator’s decision will be rendered at some future date in the new year.

The UNBCFA Negotiating Team is currently hard at work considering the developments from the November 10th mediation and is preparing arguments for the upcoming arbitration. Updates will be provided when available.

Faculty Association Brief:
UNBC-Faculty Association Brief

Faculty Association Brief (Background):
UNBC-Faculty Association Brief (Background)

UNBC-Faculty Association Rebuttal:
UNBC-Faculty Association Rebuttal

UNBC Administration Brief:
UNBC Administration Brief

UNBC Administration Brief (Background part 1):
UNBC Administration Brief (Background part 1)
UNBC Administration Brief (Background part 2):
UNBC Administration Brief (Background part 2)

UNBC Administration Reply:
UNBC Administration Reply

Arbitrator’s Award December 2015:
Arbitrator’s Award