University of Winnipeg FA

Dear Dr. Holler:
I’m writing to express the support of the University of Winnipeg Faculty Association for the efforts of the UNBC Faculty Association to obtain a fair collective agreement. A cheque for $1,000 is in the mail.
In solidarity,
Hugh Grant,
The University of Winnipeg Faculty Association


Grant MacKewan University FA

Jacqueline, and all faculty colleagues at UNBC,

On behalf of the Grant MacEwan University Faculty Association, I am sending our very best wishes for strength and solidarity as you stand firm in demanding fair and equitable compensation. In support of your efforts, we will also be putting a cheque for $1000 in the mail to UNBCFA today.

GMUFA President

University of Calgary FA

Hello Dr. Holler,


Enclosed please find a letter of support from the Faculty Association of the University of Calgary.  We are also providing a donation, could you please provide an address where the cheque should be sent.


Thank you,

Shelley Gerlitz

Administrative Coordinator

The Faculty Association of the University of Calgary
1402 Education Tower

Librarians at York University

There are some UNBC librarians on this list, aren’t there? Good luck,
and all best wishes for a quick and happy resolution.


William Denton  <>
Web Librarian, York University Libraries |

Royal Roads

RRUFA send its best wishes and full support for UNBC Faculty Associations job action. 

All the best in your struggle.
In solidarity

Kenneth Christie PhD – Professor
Program Head-MA Human Security and Peacebuilding
President: RRU Faculty Association
School of Humanitarian Studies | Royal Roads University


CUFA BC Support

Dear Jacqueline,

On behalf of the CUFA BC, I would like to offer you and your members our solidarity in this challenging period.  We stand with you in your fight to ensure that UNBC faculty are paid fairly and recognized for building UNBC’s reputation nationally and internationally.

The UNBC Administration is happy to advertise UNBC’s impressive national ranking but has been less enthusiastic about paying faculty fair market salaries. The stand taken by the UNBC FA is the right one and our members at BC’s other research universities – UBC, SFU. UVic, and Royal Roads — stand behind you in solidarity. UNBC must come back to the table with a fair monetary offer that recognizes the contributions of your members.  The current offer of 5.5% over 5 years is simply not acceptable and other faculty unions across the province are also struggling to resist this ‘one size fits all’ bargaining tactic. Simply put, your fight is our fight.

Our Executive Director Michael Conlon will be joining you on the picket line on Friday and CUFA BC stands ready to offer whatever is needed to help ensure that UNBC FA gets a fair collective agreement for its members.

Yours sincerely,



Doug Baer

CUFA BC President


Brock University


I would like to express our strong support for UNBC’s fight to secure a strong first collective agreement and a reasonable wage settlement.  The Brock University Faculty Association will be sending a cheque for $1500 to help your efforts, with more financial contributions to come if the strike continues.

In solidarity,
Linda Rose-Krasnor, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Psychology
President, Brock University Faculty Association
Brock University
500 Glenridge Avenue
St. Catharines ON Canada  L2S 3A1

University of Western Ontario

The University of Western Ontario Faculty Association (UWOFA) sends support and solidarity for your efforts to achieve a fair settlement. Our past-president and current CAUT vice-president James Compton has flown in to be with you on the lines today, and will present you with a check. UWOFA will send additional checks as they are needed.

Wishing you strength (and warmth) in the struggle!
In Solidarity,
Alison Hearn
UWOFA President

Faculty Support University of Toronto

Dear Jacqueline, colleagues at UNBC and colleagues on the list around the country,

On behalf of the University of Toronto Faculty Association, I write to express our support for your struggle. We stand in solidarity with your efforts to secure a negotiated settlement worthy of your membership and your institution. Your courage and conviction will serve yourselves, and all of us, well. We are sending a cheque for $3500 as a contribution to your strike fund and as an expression of support and goodwill. I am also hopeful we will be able to rally some stalwarts to send your way in the coming days. I wish you all the best.

In solidarity,

Scott Prudham
Scott Prudham
Professor, University of Toronto
President, University of Toronto Faculty Association

Saint Mary’s University

Dear Jacqueline,

Saint Mary’s University Faculty Union wants to express its feeling of solidarity with UNBC-FA as you proceed toward job action.  We hope that your job action will be short and that you will be able to negotiate as early as possible a fair and reasonable collective agreement.

Marc Lamoureux
SMUFU President