Certification FAQ

1. General Questions

1.1 Why unionize now?
1.2 Can’t we rely on arbitration to resolve difficult negotiations like the last one?
1.3 Aren't we already 'voluntarily recognized' by the Administration?
1.4 Will the Faculty Association be affiliating or joining up with other Unions?
1.5 If CUPE or another union strikes, will we have to cross (or not cross) the picket line if we are certified?
1.6 Will UNBC be unusual in having a certified faculty association?
1.7 Will our current situation be improved by certification?
1.8 Who benefits most from certification?
1.9 Will the Faculty Association change by being a certified Union?
1.10 Will our FA dues increase by becoming a Union?
1.11 Will certification make collegial governance practices at UNBC more difficult?
1.12 Why unionize if PSEC prevents us from increasing our salaries?
1.13 What if we unionize and don't like it? What could be done then?
1.14 Will we have to go on strike?
1.15 If we strike, will my research program be interrupted or ruined?
1.16 I have heard that faculty unions go on strike frequently--is this true?
1.17 We are not blue-collar workers- why do we need to unionize?
1.18 Would we become members of the BC Federation of Labour, Canadian Labour Congress or other groups?
1.19 Would we end up joining the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC (FPSE), which is composed entirely of unionized faculty associations?
1.20 UNBC is hiring a new President- will this certification drive scare away candidates?

2. Part-Time, Term and Sessional Members

2.1 Does this really affect me- will it matter if I sign or not?
2.2 How does the Faculty Association affect me if I only teach one or two courses?
2.3 If I am outside BC or Canada, can I sign and vote?
2.4 I am already a Union member due to my other job- can I still participate?

3. Certification Process Questions

3.1 What does certification mean?
3.2 What does card signing mean and how is it used?
3.3 Will my Administrator/Dean/Chair know if I signed a certification card or not?
3.4 Will there be a vote, and if so, when?