CUFA BC Support

Dear Jacqueline,

On behalf of the CUFA BC, I would like to offer you and your members our solidarity in this challenging period.  We stand with you in your fight to ensure that UNBC faculty are paid fairly and recognized for building UNBC’s reputation nationally and internationally.

The UNBC Administration is happy to advertise UNBC’s impressive national ranking but has been less enthusiastic about paying faculty fair market salaries. The stand taken by the UNBC FA is the right one and our members at BC’s other research universities – UBC, SFU. UVic, and Royal Roads — stand behind you in solidarity. UNBC must come back to the table with a fair monetary offer that recognizes the contributions of your members.  The current offer of 5.5% over 5 years is simply not acceptable and other faculty unions across the province are also struggling to resist this ‘one size fits all’ bargaining tactic. Simply put, your fight is our fight.

Our Executive Director Michael Conlon will be joining you on the picket line on Friday and CUFA BC stands ready to offer whatever is needed to help ensure that UNBC FA gets a fair collective agreement for its members.

Yours sincerely,



Doug Baer

CUFA BC President