Shendah Benoit

Shendah Benoit
Assistant Professor, Education

Shendah Benoit's dissertation in practice for a Doctorate in Education (Western University), analyzes the organizational changes that may fulfill TRC Call to Action 10.6 to enable parents to fully participate in the learning of their children.  She has a Bachelor of Arts English and Political Science (Simon Fraser University), a Master of Arts Child Study and Education, (OISE/University of Toronto), and a Master of Education (Western University). 

She has taught for twenty-five years within the K-12 sector including twelve years leadership experience. As District Principal Student Supports, she led a multi disciplinary team of teachers, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physio therapists and mental health clinicians. She served as chair of her regional Council of Administrators for Inclusive Supports in Education and has consulted on provincial committees.  

At Queen’s University, she has instructed courses for teaching children and youth with neurodiversity, teaching children and youth with mental or physical health needs, formative and summative assessment including administering and interpreting level B assessments. 

Her research interests are strength-based inclusion, positive organizational scholarship, compassionate systems change, and collaborative inquiry.