Statement on behalf of the UNBC-FA Executive Committee and UNBC-FA Equity Committee

The confirmation of the findings of the 215 missing children from the Kamloops Residential School is distressing. We can only imagine the grief and pain that the families and communities of the missing children are enduring. Our thoughts are with their families and communities, the residential school survivors and our grieving colleagues. We support returning these children to their families and communities with proper protocols. The lives of these children and the lives of survivors, and their stories, will never be forgotten.

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Distinguished Academic Award Recipient 2017: Dr. Judy Thompson

This award recognizes the contributions to the non-academic community made by faculty members who are at an early point int heir careers. Edōsdi, which literally means someone who raises up pets and children, or more simply, "someone who is a teacher," was born and raised in La̱x Kxeen (Prince Rupert, BC) on Ts'msyen territory and is a member of the Tahltan Nation. Her clan is crow and her crest is frog. For almost 25 years, as a student, educator and researcher, Edōsdi has built relationships with Aboriginal communities, which includes connections with youth with their Elders. Edōsdi has developed many courses and programs, which have often included ways to Indigenize curriculum, decolonize teaching, and provide support for Aboriginal learners.

December 17, 2018 | Categories: General

Distinguuished Academic Award Recipient 2013: Dr. Kathy Lewis

On April 3, 2013, honored guests and dignitaries, university administrators, and academics representing the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria, the University of Northern British Columbia, and Royal Roads University gathered to recognize three very deserving recipients of the 9th annual CUFA-BC Distinguished Academic Awards.

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2012 Distinguished Academic Award Recipient: Dr. Chris Opio

Dr. Chris Opio and his family at the CUFA-BC Awards banquet on April 11th (from left to right): Elliot, Nathan, Chris, and Therese.

2012 Distinguished Academic Award Recipient: Dr. Chris Opio

The CUFA-BC Distinguished Academic Awards are presented annually to recognize outstanding faculty members at BC's public universities who use their research and scholarly work to benefit the general public. Sheryl MacKay, host of CBC Radio One’s North by Northwest, emceed the awards dinner held on Wednesday, April 11th in Vancouver.

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